The Xiaomi 14 smartphone family will use YMTC brands advanced

The Xiaomi 14 smartphone family will use YMTC brand’s advanced 232-layer flash memory

Back in October last year, it was announced that Apple planned to use solid-state storage from Chinese company YMTC in its iPhone smartphones, but changes in export control regulations have deprived it of this option. But now South Korean sources are reporting that 232-layer 3D NAND memory from the YMTC brand was installed in the Xiaomi 14 smartphones presented at the end of October.

    Image source: Xiaomi

Image source: Xiaomi

Recall that a year ago Apple’s plans mentioned a 128-layer 3D NAND memory branded YMTC, but even in the face of increasing US sanctions restrictions, the largest Chinese manufacturer of solid-state memory was able to achieve significant technical progress during this time Progress, so Xiaomi 14 smartphones will already have 232-layer memory YMTC. Considering that Huawei relied on memory chips from SK Hynix and Micron when releasing its flagship Mate 60 smartphones in late August, the collaboration with Xiaomi will be a clear step forward for YMTC.

YMTC’s competitors have not gone beyond the stage of releasing 176-layer memory, and it has become quite widespread in the production of smartphones. Since July this year, ZhiTai Ti600 1TB SSDs have been using 232-layer YMTC memory, and the corresponding chips have the highest storage density on the market.

If the Chinese YMTC lags behind the world leaders in the production of NAND memory chips by only a few years, then the lag in the segment of DRAM-RAM chips is about five years, since the Chinese company CXMT produces its advanced memory This type uses a 22- nm process technology, foreign competitors are already using 12nm technology.

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