The Xbox boss defended the transfer of Starfield and Redfall

The Xbox boss defended the transfer of Starfield and Redfall: It will benefit quality

The head of Microsoft’s gaming division, Phil Spencer, commented on Bethesda Softworks’ decision after yesterday’s transfer of Starfield and Redfall to the first half of 2023. According to him, this will have a positive effect on the quality of Xbox Game Studios games.

    Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

starfield. Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

In his statement, Phil Spencer emphasized the importance of giving studios the time they need to develop quality products. Rumor has it that Starfield isn’t in the best shape right now and a release in November would mean a market launch. “The Next Cyberpunk 2077”.

“These decisions are difficult for game teams and for our fans.wrote he is on twitter. — While I fully support giving teams time to release these great games when they are ready, we do hear feedback. Fans expect quality assurance and consistency. We will continue to work on meeting these expectations even better.”.

It is not known when the decision to postpone the games was made, but earlier this week Spencer did Visited the Bethesda Softworks team.



In recent years, Xbox has invested heavily in its portfolio of in-house studios. In addition to founding The Initiative (Perfect Dark) and a new studio to develop Age of Empires, she acquired Ninja Theory (Hellblade), Playground Games (Forza Horizon), Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas), InXile Entertainment (Wasteland 3 ), Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts), and all of Bethesda Softworks and all of its studios (more specifically, ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company).

Xbox Game Studios is currently known to be working on the following games: Starfield (Bethesda Game Studios), Redfall (Arkane Studios), Avowed (Obsidian Entertainment), Everwild (Rare), Fable (Playground Games), Forza Motorsport 8 ( Playground Games ), Perfect Dark (The Initiative), Senua’s Saga: Hellblade. II (Ninja Theory), State of Decay 3 (Undead Labs) and The Outer Worlds 2 (Obsidian Entertainment).

On June 12th, Xbox and Bethesda Softworks will host a general conference where they will present updates on well-known projects. Premiere screenings of previously unannounced games are also expected.

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