The X social network allows you to block comments from

The X social network allows you to block comments from free users

A new update to Platform X, formerly known as Twitter, allows users to block comments on their posts from unverified accounts. This innovation comes 11 months after the introduction of paid account verification as part of the Twitter Blue subscription.

    Image source: TRESOR69 / Pixabay

Image source: TRESOR69 / Pixabay

The social network X, recently seriously reformed by Elon Musk, has taken another step towards improving the quality of communication among its participants. However, in addition to the potential benefits, the mentioned innovation also raises a number of questions regarding the accessibility and openness of the platform.

    Image source: X

Image source: X

Paid verification launched on the platform as part of the Twitter Blue subscription, offering users the option to get a verification badge for $7.99 per month. However, for those who do not want or cannot pay for this subscription, the innovation may make communication on the site more difficult.

The argument for the innovation is the ability to reduce the level of trolling and misinformation on the platform by only allowing verified accounts access to discussions. However, opponents of the feature point to the continued presence of bots with verified labels and Platform X’s preference for replies from verified accounts, which they say reduces the diversity of voices in discussions.

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