The writers of the hit roguelike Vampire Survivor revealed plans

The writers of the hit roguelike Vampire Survivor revealed plans for its development

Developers at Poncle studio, which released the roguelike Vampire Survivors in late 2021, revealed plans to support the project with a succinctly designed update roadmap.

    Image source: Poncle

Image source: Poncle

On the special page On Steam, the writers of Vampire Survivors said they used “an overwhelming success” at users. Please note this at the time of this publication 98% from 65.4 thousand user reviews are positive.

Due to the unexpected popularity, the Vampire Survivors update schedule, which was put together before the release in Steam Early Access, had to be expanded. The number of playable characters planned for version 1.0 has been doubled, as has the number of stages with the introduction of bonuses and challenges. The authors will additionally add 12 new types of weapons and several unique bonuses to the game.

    Click here to view the infographic

Click here to view the infographic

Already next month, Vampire Survivors will receive a new major mechanic, and in the near future another one, which will also have a major impact on the gameplay.

The Poncle developers themselves call Vampire Survivors a gothic casual horror game with roguelike elements. The player must think through plans to counter hundreds of enemies attacking simultaneously. Proper use of the protagonist’s skills and weapons is important to success. Eventually, the protagonist will definitely be defeated, but the ability to last as long as possible is the key idea of ​​Vampire Survivors.


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