The writers of Expeditions Rome will be revamping the third

The writers of Expeditions: Rome will be revamping the third act and releasing an add-on that expands on the storyline

THQ Nordic Senior Producer Brad Logston released on the official Expeditions Blog The 17th Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary is the first since the launch of the turn-based RPG. The boss announced the preparation of a major update and DLC.

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Since the premiere, the developers have released two small patches with bug fixes. The next update will be bigger and will include not only technical changes but also quality of life improvements. Now the patch is in the testing phase and will be released when the authors “Make sure it doesn’t create new problems.”

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In particular, the update will change the structure of the third act, which many players described as long and too linear. The number of regions required for conquest will be reduced, and some main missions can be completed in a different order. “If you just want to get to the finals as quickly as possible, you can skip some content, Logston explained. — And if you decide to fully complete the conquest, you’ll be rewarded with a new color theme for the Legion.

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In one of the future updates, the developers will try to fix the issue related to battles involving legions. “Another major complaint is that the legions’ battles are too complex to comprehend. — wrote the producer. — Many of you want to know how they work because the game explains almost nothing.. The makers do not yet have a precise plan of action. Expeditions: Rome will also receive an expansion that expands the story in terms of the consequences of choices and adds new features to the combat system.

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Logic also noted that the Logic Artists team and management at THQ Nordic were pleased with the game’s feedback, calling it the most successful game in the series. According to him, the authors spent a lot of time following the broadcasts of the strategy on Twitch and discussing the project with users.

Expeditions: Rome is available for PCsteam, GOG, Epic game store) January 20. The strategy has received more than 1,100 reviews on the Valve Store, based on which it has an 87% rating. Average score metacritical was 80 out of 100. In a review for 3DNews, Mikhail Ponomarev rated the game 7 out of 10 and named it “not uninteresting for fans of tactical and role-playing games as well as connoisseurs of ancient Roman aesthetics” and finds that she has more advantages than “clear deficiencies”.


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