The writers of Expeditions Rome Hunt Showdown and Hitman are

The writers of Expeditions: Rome, Hunt: Showdown and Hitman are working on a story-driven RPG under the auspices of THQ Nordic

Industry veterans who helped create Expeditions: Rome, Hunt: Showdown and Hitman, Founded Studio Campfire Cabal, which will work under the auspices of THQ Nordic. The team is developing an unannounced story-based RPG for PC.

    Image Credit: Campfire Cabal

Image Credit: Campfire Cabal

Campfire Cabal is located in Copenhagen. The studio will operate as an independent division of THQ Nordic, owned by Swedish holding company Embracer Group, under its own management team and creative director Jonas Wæver.

Wever has been working for the Danish studio Logic Artists for over ten years. He was lead development for the turn-based tactical RPG Expeditions: Rome (2022), lead game designer and writer for Expeditions: Conquistador (2013), the co-op stealth action Clandestine (2015), and The Nameless Mod (2009) – a massive modification for the original Deus Ex with a new storyline, weapons, music and full voice acting. He also helped create it The Bitter Taste of Blood (2004) is a single-player vampire story module for Neverwinter Nights.

Other employees:

  • Artistic Director Caroline Fangel – worked in the same position at PortaPlay (authors of the recent adventure Gerda: A Flame in Winter) and also acted as artist for Splitscreen Studios’ shareware MMORPG Pirate Galaxy and action MMO Dino Storm;
  • CTO Nils Iver Holtar is a former employee of IO Interactive (Hitman 2 (2018) – AI programmer) and Logic Artists (sound designer for Expeditions: Viking, Expeditions: Conquistador and Clandestine) and author of the soundtrack for the Arcade-Redout race by 34BigThings ;
  • Senior Game Designer Casper Falck Hansen – Previously held the same position at Amplitude Studios (Endless Space 2) and the Game Designer position at Logic Artists;
  • Narrative Designer Fasih Sayin – worked at Crytek on the shooters Warface and Hunt: Showdown and led the company’s publishing division in Turkey, the Maghreb and the Middle East.

The studio showcased its logo in a teaser featuring four heroes sitting by the fire.

The Campfire Cabal collective calls its goal creation “High-quality turn-based RPGs for PC featuring new worlds and intriguing stories with characters players will love or hate with all their hearts”. The studio did not reveal details about the first project.

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