The worlds largest electric cruise ship makes its maiden voyage

The world’s largest electric cruise ship makes its maiden voyage in China

The world’s largest electric cruise ship made its maiden voyage in China. He returned to the port of Yichang in central Hubei Province after traveling up and down the Yangtze River.

    Image source: People's Daily Online

Image source: People’s Daily Online

The ship is powered by a 7,500 kWh battery manufactured by the largest electric vehicle traction battery manufacturer, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. GmbH. (CATL). Commercial operation of the liner will begin next month. It is expected to be used primarily for tourist transportation.

With a length of 100 meters and a width of 16 meters, the Yangtze River Three Gorges 1 ship is capable of becoming a temporary home for 1300 passengers at a time and traveling about 100 km without recharging.

A subsidiary of Three Gorges Corp. – Developer China Yangtze Power Co. and Hubei Three Gorges Tourism Group plan to use the ship as a “launching point” to expand China’s electric boat market. Among other things, this provides for the construction of a network of charging stations along the banks of the Yangtze.

According to one of the passengers, the driving process is felt as “gliding on a flat surface”, without pitching and other unpleasant effects. According to the captain, the biggest advantage of the ship is the computer-controlled systems. Whereas in the past you only had to rely on your own experience, today everything is monitored by computers.



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