The Windows 11 update has slowed down some SSDs

The Windows 11 update has slowed down some SSDs – copying large files from the command line is still recommended

At the end of February, Microsoft released a massive update for Windows 11 called Moment 2. The platform received many new features, but this week another small update came out that brought some noticeable problems to some users. They suddenly slowed down the speed of Solid State Drives. As a temporary workaround, Microsoft suggested copying the files from the command line.

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We are talking about the update package for Windows 11 22H2 under the number KB5023706. At Release notes page The “Known issues with this update” section states that copying large files, several gigabytes in size, may be slowed down. Most commonly, the problem occurs when copying data from network shares using the SMB protocol, but there are precedents of slow performance in the local environment.

For most users working at home or in a small office, Microsoft says the issue should go unnoticed due to its networked nature. Unfortunately, in practice this is not always the case: one of the users of the Reddit forum claims that on his Lenovo Legion series laptop the data read speed has dropped from 7 to 1 GB / s – when the update was removed, the problem disappeared, leaving no doubt as to the reasons for the failure. Other users of the resource have reported similar problems. In one case, the game loading time increased from 14 to 31 seconds.

You can check the speed of the SSD with the CrystalDiskMark program, for example. If the indicators haven’t fallen, don’t worry. If the slowdown is there, Microsoft has a temporary workaround – to copy network files through the command line interface without I/O buffering using Robocopy or Xcopy utilities. Of course, the solution is far from ideal, but Microsoft is already working to fix the problem.

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