The Windows 11 update broke the AMD Adrenalin Control Panel

The Windows 11 update broke the AMD Adrenalin Control Panel, but the driver works fine

The preview version of Windows 11 cumulative update number KB5030310 may disable the AMD Adrenaline graphics control panel and also cause settings to be reset every time the system restarts, the reports said AMD forum. Fortunately, the functionality of the graphics driver is not affected, but glitches irritate users who are used to actively working with the Adrenaline panel.

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The problem is not considered serious: AMD graphics drivers actually continue to function normally and the AMD Adrenalin panel retains a significant part of its functionality, with the exception of user settings – these are reset every time the computer is restarted. So it doesn’t affect those who are happy with the default settings at all. But enthusiasts who like to customize features like Hyper RX, Anti-Lag, Radeon Boost and RSR feel uncomfortable.

The update isn’t huge, but ironically brings a lot of bug fixes to Windows 11. These include Excel, the Korean touch keyboard, search field tooltips, the search button, and the Calendar and Contacts apps. iCloud.

The update can be uninstalled, which will resolve AMD Adrenalin issues. An alternative way to solve the problem is also suggested: install a free utility ViVeTool, which disables the Copilot AI assistant in the command line interface – according to one version, it causes the crash. In addition, reports of the problem have so far only been found on the AMD forum and we can conclude that it does not affect all AMD Radeon graphics card owners.


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