The Windows 11 taskbar now has a VPN indicator

The Windows 11 taskbar now has a VPN indicator

This week Microsoft released another preview build of Windows 11, 25252, which is now available to Windows Insider members on the Dev Channel. One of the most noticeable innovations of this version of the operating system was the appearance of a VPN status indicator in the system tray.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

“We added the ability to show the VPN status in the system tray when connected to a detected VPN profile. The VPN icon in the form of a small shield in the accent color of the system is placed over an active network connection”Microsoft said in a statement.

The new VPN status indicator isn’t the only change. Developers continue to experiment with how search appears in the taskbar. To change the search display style, simply go to “Settings”, open the “Personalization” menu, then select “Taskbar” and open the “Control Panel” menu. This menu allows the user to select one of the available options for displaying the search in the taskbar.

Also, some fixes for known issues have been implemented in the new version of Windows 11. For example, the developers fixed a bug that caused explorer.exe to crash when the ALT+F4 key combination was used while the taskbar’s “Show hidden icons” pop-up menu was open. In addition, several other explorer.exe errors were fixed that caused taskbar performance to slow down. Also fixed the problem with opening folders in the start menu. For a full list of fixes and improvements, see developer blog.

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