The Wayward Strand interactive story takes players to an air

The Wayward Strand interactive story takes players to an air hospital

Australian publisher and developer of Ghost Pattern announced the exact release date for his touching interactive story Wayward Strand, as well as the full list of the game’s target platforms.

    Image Source: Ghost Pattern

Image Source: Ghost Pattern

Remember, Wayward Strand has officially launched Sept 2019 and initially it was planned to be released only on PC and with July 2021 Also on PlayStation consoles. The game was expected to be released 2022.

It has been announced that Wayward Strand will be released on July 21 this year for PC (steam), PS4, PS5 as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch. The announcement was accompanied by a new gameplay trailer.

Wayward Strand is set in the summer of 1978. Players take on the role of Casey, a young journalist visiting an air hospital and meeting her patients. The dialogues in the project are set to music (more than 20,000 lines).

The main feature of Wayward Strand is that the stories of different characters take place in real time. Players must choose who they want to interact with: chat or eavesdrop, for example.

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