The wait for deliveries of Apples flagship iPhone 15 Pro

The wait for deliveries of Apple’s flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphones dragged on until November

The recently introduced Apple smartphones of the iPhone 15 generation can already be ordered in branded online stores in more than 40 countries, and the increase in waiting times for individual modifications to two months indirectly indicates the high popularity of new products. At least in the US and China, those who want to buy popular colors of the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max will have to wait until mid-November.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

As already mentioned BloombergSimultaneously with the start of accepting pre-orders in the Apple Online Store, the waiting time for delivery of the older model iPhone 15 Pro Max priced at $ 1,199 moved very quickly from September 22 to mid-November, if we are talking about US market . You have to wait the longest for such a smartphone in the colors white and “natural titanium”, on average until November 13th. Blue and black options will be available almost a month faster, until October 16th. The storage capacity of the device does not have a major impact on delivery speed.

In China, the picture with waiting times for older models is roughly the same, although the iPhone 15 Pro, which is one level lower, can be obtained in three to four weeks. The Chinese platform Meituan, which accepted pre-orders, was able to process orders worth a total of $27.5 million in the first 30 minutes after the corresponding activity began. Customer requests to the Apple online store also occurred in the first minutes after orders began to be accepted. Sometimes there were downtimes and errors in processing applications, which may indicate a large influx of visitors. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, even a $100 price increase compared to its predecessor failed to deter the most loyal customers. On the other side of the scale there is a titanium body, an improved camera and a more powerful processor made using 3nm technology.

In Canada, delivery of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will take six to seven weeks; the “natural titanium” color version in Australia, Japan, UK, India, Canada, France and Germany will take at least eight weeks to reach customers. The cheaper iPhone 15 Pro in the US promises to be with customers by October 23rd, and even the base iPhone 15 in pink and green was slightly in short supply, and the more expensive iPhone 15 Plus model was in the most widespread demand Pink. It is very likely that the season’s fashion trends and the popularity of a Hollywood film about the world of dolls had an influence.

By the way, if you want to get a new iPhone faster, you have the option of visiting the offline Apple stores, as the company has allocated certain quotas for branded retail and new items reach these stores faster than the online courier network. But here too, the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the “natural titanium” color is still considered a bestseller because it is the most difficult to find.

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