The US will ban the supply of devices to China

The US will ban the supply of devices to China that will enable the production of 14nm chips

Recent revelations by independent experts, who reported that the Chinese company SMIC actually has mastered chip manufacturing technology comparable to 7nm process technology, certainly forced the guardians of American interests to reconsider the issue of exporting advanced technologies from the United States. The restriction on the export of chip-making equipment is being extended to 14nm technologies, although previously they only concerned ‘thinner’ technologies.

    Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

Keep in mind that current US export control regulations restrict shipments to China of American-origin equipment or technology that meets certain criteria, even if shipped from third countries. If earlier the section passed according to the norms of 10 nm, now as reported Business Koreathe American authorities have decided to expand the restrictions on the 14 nm process technology. The same SMIC started mass-producing 14nm chips last year, but may struggle to further expand production lines under the new conditions.

South Korean memory chip makers have large facilities in China but use more sophisticated lithography than 14nm. If US restrictions affect older technical processes in the future, it could make life difficult for Samsung Electronics and SK hynix. On the other hand, the US ban restricts the development of the Chinese semiconductor industry, which may benefit Korean competitors in the long term.

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