The US TikTok audience grew to 150 million per month

The US TikTok audience grew to 150 million per month – +50% in three years

US TikTok monthly active users reach 150 million Reuters with reference to the explanation of the administration of the platform. For comparison: in 2020 it was 100 million.

    Image source: antonbe /

Image source: antonbe /

Shortly before the appearance of TikTok boss Shou Zi Chew before the US Congress, the administration of the Chinese app reported that it had reached a record number of users in the USA – a hearing is scheduled for next Thursday. Last week, US lawmakers threatened to block the app in the country if Chinese company ByteDance, which owns it, doesn’t sell the US portion of the business.

Washington’s actions, including calls to block TikTok in the United States, come amid concerns that users’ personal information is “leaking” to China and potentially available to local authorities. In response, the platform’s administration announced the launch of the $1.5 billion Project Texas program designed to exonerate TikTok from US claims. ByteDance sees no point in selling the US side of the business as the change of ownership will not affect the flow of data associated with the application.

TikTok’s high popularity in the US may make blocking the application in the country very difficult – US Commerce Department chief Gina Raimondo has previously expressed fears that all voters under the age of 35 could be lost this way. And in September 2021, TikTok’s administration announced that it had surpassed the bar of 1 billion monthly users worldwide.


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