The US calls TikTok a Chinese Trojan Horse and a

The US calls TikTok a “Chinese Trojan Horse” and a long-term threat to national security

US authorities continue to discuss issues related to the potential threat of the popular TikTok short video service to the country’s national security. So Rob Joyce, head of cybersecurity at the US National Security Agency, called the app “Chinese Trojan Horse”which poses a long-term threat to the country’s security.

    Image source: Eyestetix Studio/

Image source: Eyestetix Studio/

According to Joyce, US authorities should keep a close eye on Chinese company ByteDance, which is the parent company of TikTok, to avoid long-term security incidents in 5, 10 or 20 years. He believes that China “delivered the Trojan horse to the fortress” For “data manipulation” bring something into them that “They want to demonstrate to the US people”, for example socially divisive content. Additionally, the platform can be used to remove things that make China look bad.

The source notes that government officials and cybersecurity experts have repeatedly raised concerns about how ByteDance handles the data of 150 million US TikTok users. Many of them are inclined to believe that the separation from the company’s American operations is not enough to ensure safety. Federal officials in the US are currently prohibited from using TikTok on work devices. In addition, the Justice Department recently launched an investigation alleging that the short video platform was used to spy on journalists.


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