The upcoming Apple Watch will feature improved heart rate sensors

The upcoming Apple Watch will feature improved heart rate sensors and 3D printed cases

The leaks of the new Apple Watch this year were nothing short of amazing. There have been rumors of a new chip for the Ultra 2 and a darker finish. Bloomberg experts believe that the lack of information is due to the fact that the most important changes will take place inside the devices this time. A new optical heart rate sensor and a new U2 Ultra Wideband Communications (UWB) chip are said to improve device tracking in Latitude.

Analysts say the focus of the new Apple Watch will be to up the ante “Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy”. The company hasn’t made any notable updates to the internals of the Apple Watch for quite some time. The last time the processor received a significant performance boost was in the Series 6 in 2020, when Apple introduced a new always-on altimeter, blood oxygen sensors, and the U1 broadband chip for device tracking.

So far, there are few details about the new optical heart rate sensor and the stated goal of its modernization is to improve the accuracy of the readings. This can improve the performance of various health features on the Apple Watch, e.g. B. Detection of unusually high or low heart rates and alerts about irregular heart rates. And the new U2 UWB chip should improve the accuracy of tracking lost items in the Find My app.

Bloomberg experts predict that this year’s Apple Watch will look the same in design as last year’s models. That means the Series 9 will use 41mm and 45mm cases, while the Ultra will get a 49mm case. The main difference will be the transition to 3D printed stainless steel cases for the Series 9 models as part of the implementation of environmental initiatives.

From the Bloomberg report, we can also conclude that the iPhone 15 Pro models will be around 10% lighter than their predecessors thanks to the titanium body. Titanium is expected to remove glossy edges that tend to collect fingerprints, matte finish and round out sharp edges. In addition, the body of the iPhone 15 Pro models is expected to be upgraded to improve maintainability. Rumor has it that all four iPhone 15 models will get a new U2 UWB chip, while older models (according to other sources, all new products) will also get an action button instead of a sound switch. Most likely, the entire iPhone 15 range will come with a USB Type-C connector and get advanced Dynamic Island features, while the Pro versions will be based on the new A17 Bionic chip.

Experts do not expect big changes in AirPods Pro, but predict the transition of both AirPods and AirPods Max from Lightning connector to USB Type-C.


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