The unreleased version of Duke Nukem Forever from 2001 appeared

The unreleased version of Duke Nukem Forever from 2001 appeared in new screenshots and videos

4chan imageboard user under the alias x0r_jmp informedwho, along with his colleagues, has acquired a build of the infamous Duke Nukem Forever shooter from 2001 and is preparing to release it to the public.

    Image Credit: 3D Realms

Image Credit: 3D Realms

Recall that the underlying Trailer for E3 2001 the Duke Nukem Forever version then surprised the public a lot, looked more like Deus Ex, but was far from ready for release (it won’t happen for another ten years).

According to x0r_jmp, his team had a build of Duke Nukem Forever with almost all of the chapters, a huge playable piece, and all of the content that was shown at E3 2001 (the build isn’t the same though).

Of course we’re not talking about the finished game: this iteration of Duke Nukem Forever was never finished. However, in the x0r_jmp build, all weapons work (there’s even a shrink bar) except for the chainsaw and freezer.

As proof of his words, x0r_jmp released a series of screenshots (including Binder With files) and gameplay videos authenticated by former Duke Nukem Forever Head of Development George Broussard (George Broussard).

“Yes, the leak looks like the truth. No, I’m not interested in talking about it or going back to the painful past. I strongly recommend lowering your expectations. There are no games there. Just a handful of sparsely populated test levels.”warned Broussard.

The x0r_jmp group intends to release the 2001 Duke Nukem Forever build (engine source, editor, compile guide) into the public domain this June.

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