The unofficial fan made sequel to Dark Souls will still release

The unofficial fan-made sequel to Dark Souls will still release after Elden Ring

A massive modification of Nightfall for the remaster of the original Dark Souls will be released later than planned. This was announced in a new video on the project’s YouTube channel by its leader Grimrukh (author of Daughters of Ash).

Image Credit: Dark Souls: Nightfall

Image Credit: Dark Souls: Nightfall

Recall that Dark Souls: Nightfall was expected to be released on December 21, 2021, but the premiere was delayed a month – until January 21, 2022. The developers hoped to have time to update the mod before the release of to complete Elden Ring.

It has been revealed that the team’s plans didn’t materialize – Dark Souls: Nightfall is due out later this year, but only after the excitement surrounding the Elden Ring has died down a bit.

As Grimrukh admitted, an extra month wasn’t enough to properly test Dark Souls: Nightfall. The mod will not receive a new release date until the team proceeds with polishing.

Dark Souls: Nightfall, positioned as the unofficial sequel to Dark Souls, offers a standalone story and a number of gameplay innovations. The first two levels of modification can be tried out on January 21 with the release of a demo version.


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