The Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection isnt for everyone review

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection isn’t for everyone. review

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Despite the fact that there will be no new parts of Uncharted in the foreseeable future, the series is still well known. A feature film based on the adventures of Nathan Drake is hitting theaters in a few weeks, and this year the famous adventurer is coming to PC. Meanwhile, the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, which includes Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, has arrived on PlayStation 5. Owners of the original PS4 versions will be able to upgrade to Legacy of Thieves for PS5. Unfortunately not for free, but not at full price either. But whether this treasure is worth it – we will tell you in detail!

Ar-rrr, everyone aboard!

Ar-rrr, everyone aboard!

Tactile Adventure

Nevertheless, Uncharted is not considered one of the (for the time being) most important PlayStation exclusive games for nothing, and the fourth part is also an exemplary adventure game. The quintessence of spectacular staging, unbelievably spectacular scenes, excellently written characters and a simple (in some places even too simple) but strong and exciting plot cannot be torn away from the screen and the gamepad. And although you know the events of the game by heart, you pay tribute to the exciting adrenaline chase after the motorcade, the fierce firefight between the remains of ancient ships and the scene of an incredible rescue from the architectural ensemble that rips to pieces in the middle of the jungle.

Uncharted knows how to create a cinematic situation out of literally every skirmish

Perhaps, from this page, the main innovation of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection can be safely called DualSense support with its rich kinesthetic abilities. And indeed, the cool segments have gotten a bit heavier and more saturated in terms of immersion. First of all, thanks to the improved tactile simulation of all units in the arsenal: Adaptive triggers consistently generate resistance when pressed, and each weapon has its own unique vibration patterns, as you might expect. When firing the HS39, the gamepad rattles frantically, transmitting the recoil of the assault rifle’s salvos; and, for example, when shooting from the Para .45, the controller generates short pulses that simulate single shots.

DualSense effects are also present in combat, driving and other action elements, and at a fairly decent level. In most cases, tactile sensations are transmitted more or less reliably and we get an additional immersion in what is happening. But they still seem a bit imprecise in some scenes – as if instead of a directional and specific effect (e.g. a hard landing), the usual general vibration from the PS4 version has been set. In addition, melee hits are rather weak (even at maximum intensity in the gamepad settings). But, for example, when scrolling an old mechanism, DualSense creates a completely comparable kinesthetic effect. Yes, and when driving SUVs, triggers and vibration motors improve the profitability of driving.

Remarkable Fact: Graphic delights don't make puzzles any less annoying...

Remarkable Fact: Graphic delights don’t make puzzles any less annoying…

Easy lift

There are also purely technical improvements. For example, levels load several times faster, it became possible to play at 120 or 60 frames per second or, if there is an appropriate screen, in 4K resolution (in which case you will have to be content with thirty frames). The increased stillness is perhaps the most important point of the updated version, because in dynamic scenes the game comfort has increased significantly. Read more written about all graphic modes of the remaster here.

The overall improvement on the visual side can only be fully appreciated by closely comparing the original and Legacy of Thieves screenshots. During a furious skirmish, frantic chase, or other act of unbridled explosive destruction, there’s little time to notice the increasing clarity of the backgrounds or admire the traced building blocks and highly detailed palm leaves. But when you look at static images, you’re really amazed at how beautiful and graphically detailed everything is.

In this scene you can clearly see the income differences of the residents: some have a good stone fence, others a dilapidated palisade

While it’s unlikely that it’s the cosmetic tidbits that will draw newcomers in, this is rather a pleasing visual complement to one of the best action movies in video game history, a true treasure of the genre. But for those who have already played Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, the collection will not bring much joy. The innovations don’t change the core essence (and even the small things) of the quartet, and even the increased frame-rate or tactile delights of DualSense won’t deliver any decisively new experiences (unless you’re a 4K screen owner, of course). . On the contrary, the new version didn’t get the network mode that many players of the original Uncharted liked. And of course that’s no argument for upgrading to the Legacy of Thieves Collection.


  • successful cosmetic transformation of graphics;
  • interesting DualSense haptic features – especially for weapons.


  • If you know Uncharted 4 inside and out, the local improvements probably aren’t a major reason to play the game again.
  • Legacy of Thieves Collection does not offer multiplayer modes.



The incredible beauty of the image of the original games has become even more beautiful.


An excellent soundtrack and an excellent sound design frame the spectacular and dramatic scenes perfectly.

single player game

Excellent fourth part of the adventures of Nathan Drake and good independent The Lost Legacy will give the brightest impressions.

collective game

Not provided. And frankly, Uncharted 4’s lack of dashing network modes was very disappointing.

general impression

If you’ve been wanting to join Uncharted 4 (and perhaps The Lost Legacy) for a long time, then the Legacy of Thieves Collection is a good reason to do so. But for everyone else, including owners of the original editions, it’s hardly worth rushing to the store right away for the collection.


Rating: 8.0/10

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