The Twitter mirror on the Tor network has stopped working

The Twitter mirror on the Tor network has stopped working – the service has not renewed the certificate

The Twitter mirror on the Tor network, which provides access to the microblogging service in countries where it is banned, has stopped working. reported Resource TechCrunch. To continue working on the Tor network, the service had to renew the certificate, which ended on March 6, but it didn’t.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

Tor Twitter now displays a warning that its certificate has expired and an error message when trying to navigate.

Pavel Zoneff, director of strategic communications at Tor Project, a nonprofit that operates an anonymous global network, told TechCrunch that the site is no longer available and doesn’t appear to have any plans to reopen.. The Tor Project has reached out to Twitter to consider bringing the onion version of the social media platform back online. added Soneff.

Twitter does not have a PR department, so it is not possible to find out about the service’s future plans regarding the mirror site on the Tor network. “The people who created it — at least everyone I spoke to — have all left.”reported Alec Muffett, a security specialist who helped launch a mirror site on the Tor network last year, told The Verge. He noted that everything depends on the company’s CEO, Elon Musk – if he doesn’t show interest, the alternative website will stop working.


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