The Twitter bug recovers tens of thousands of deleted tweets

The Twitter bug recovers tens of thousands of deleted tweets and retweets

Twitter users report that posts they previously deleted are reappearing on their profiles. According to the media, such an outage once again underscores the social network engineering service’s inability to provide even ordinary functionality to its users.

    Image Credit: Pexels / Brett Jordan

Image Credit: Pexels / Brett Jordan

This morning, many Twitter users noticed that some of their old tweets and retweets have been restored. “Last November I deleted all my messages. Every single one. When I woke up today I found 34,000 of them recovered”, — shared the observation of one Twitter user. It is not clear how widespread this problem is and what is causing it. This may be related to the tool used to delete the tweets. Some speculate that this is because the Twitter servers were moved and the data was accidentally restored.

According to The Verge journalist James Vincent (James Vincent), this is further evidence of Twitter’s collapsing infrastructure and the inability to perform even the basic functions that the platform offers its users. Some of these flaws predate Elon Musk’s takeover of the company. However, after Musk started mass layoffs, the number of bugs increased and users started reporting such bugs more frequently.


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