The turn based RPG Shadow Madness from the original PlayStation comes

The turn-based RPG Shadow Madness from the original PlayStation comes to PC

Publishers Piko Interactive and Bleem! Together with the developers of Crave Entertainment, they announced the forthcoming expansion of the platform geography of the turn-based role-playing game Shadow Madness.

Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon

Remember that Shadow Madness debuted on the original PlayStation console (North American release) in June 1999 and hit European countries in February 2000.

As has been announced, Shadow Madness will be available for PC on February 15th this year. Page in the digital sales service steam is already active and contains the minimum system requirements of the game:

  • OS: Windows 7;
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III;
  • Graphics card: with 256 MB video memory;
  • Memory: 2GB.

Shadow Madness tells the story of the eponymous plague that afflicted the game world and turned people into terrible monsters. Players, together with friends, must find out the causes of what happened and stop the catastrophe.

Judging by the screenshots, Shadow Madness won’t see any graphical improvements when moving to PC. The project promises six unique characters, an extensive storyline, more than 48 hours of gameplay, FMV inserts and mini-games.


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