The touching adventure Rakuen in the style of To the

The touching adventure Rakuen in the style of To the Moon will be released on Switch and mobile devices

Japanese-American composer and developer Laura Shigihara announced about the forthcoming expansion of the platform geography of his fantasy adventure game Rakuen.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Remember that Rakuen debuted on PC in May 2017 (steam) and received high ratings from both the trade press (84% on metacritical) and users of the Valve service (97% based on 3.8,000 reviews).

As has been revealed, Rakuen will be available later this year for the Nintendo Switch and unnamed mobile devices. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer (attached below).

Rakuen tells the story of a little boy who has to spend all his time in the hospital due to illness. Together with his mother, the young hero goes to a fantasy land where the guardian of the forest lives, who can grant wishes.

The main features of Rakuen include a touching story, the ability to explore both parallel worlds, the absence of combat, playful quests and puzzles. The game is made on the RPG Maker engine, so it’s similar to To the Moon.

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