The Tor Project has released a fully private Mullvad browser

The Tor Project has released a fully private Mullvad browser with Tor and VPN built-in

Web user privacy experts unveiled Tor Project and Mullvad VPN service Mullvad browser – It provides anonymity while surfing and blocks various trackers. The new project is available as a free browser for Windows, macOS and Linux, and as a plugin for Firefox.

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“Today’s mass surveillance is absurd. The Mullvad browser increases the number of privacy alternatives for a wide range of users and makes life more difficult for those who collect data from you., – Jan Jonsson, head of Mullvad VPN service, commented on the project. The Mullvad browser was developed by the Tor project, which minimized the amount of data collected by the program. This is achieved in the same way as in the Tor browser: all its users are displayed as one. This means that the more people use the browser, the more effective their protection.

“The development of the browser with Mullvad aims to give people more privacy options for everyday browsing and to challenge the current business model of exploiting human behavioral data.”, added Isabela Fernandes, executive director of the Tor project. The Brave and DuckDuckGo browsers are similarly positioned.


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