The timer has disappeared from the Google search engine and

The timer has disappeared from the Google search engine and no one knows why

According to online sources, Google has removed the timer function from its search engine. The first reports of the timer’s disappearance appeared in the middle of last month, but official representatives of the IT giant still do not comment on the matter.

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Until recently, one of the easiest and most convenient ways to set a timer on a computer was to use the Google search engine. It was enough to fulfill the corresponding wish, for example, “10-minute timer” and start the countdown. However, in the middle of last month, reports surfaced that Google had removed the timer feature from its search engine without warning.

While there’s no shortage of timers on the web, Google’s built-in widget was a simple and affordable alternative to its many counterparts. In addition to the timer, the widget contained a stopwatch function, which could also be useful in certain situations. The timer and stopwatch first appeared in the Google search engine in 2013.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Note that Google has not yet officially confirmed the removal of said widget from its search engine. Google spokesman Danny Sullivan announced on July 21 that he intends to investigate the timer’s disappearance from the search engine, and on July 27 he said the development team is still working on it. Since there was no official confirmation of the intentional removal of the timer, it can be assumed that it disappeared through some error. If so, we should expect his return soon.


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