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The threads will be filled with news – the head of I******m announced the introduction of an API for threads

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram Platform, announced the upcoming launch of an API for the social platform Threads. Mosseri promises that this move will expand opportunities for developers and allow them to create new applications and functional solutions. However, he also expressed fears that this could lead to media stocks dominating the work of independent authors in terms of content.

    Image source: Threads

Image source: Threads

Adam Mosseri confirmed the development of an API for Threads when asked by journalist Casey Newton while discussing the potential for a TweetDeck-like interface for the Threads platform.

Threads takes a special stance on news content. The platform does not actively promote news, but neither does it prevent its distribution. Without an API, media companies are forced to publish materials manually, which is ineffective for organizations that produce a large number of articles daily.

Opening the API will not only make life easier for media assets, but also provide individual content creators with tools for publishing various material formats. For developers, this means the ability to create new features tailored to the specifics of the platform.

Earlier this week Meta revealed statistics showing that Threads has nearly 100 million monthly active users. Opening up APIs and creating an ecosystem of third-party apps may not increase this number, but they will enrich the user experience by providing alternative ways to interact with the platform.

On the one hand, opening the Threads API will provide an impetus for the development of new applications and functions; On the other hand, there is a risk of the platform being overcrowded with content from large media companies. In this context, it is important to maintain a balance so as not to lose the unique character of Threads that made it popular.


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