The Threads app tripled downloads in December and landed in

The Threads app tripled downloads in December and landed in the top ten most popular apps – X fell to number 36

After last year’s standstill, Threads is back on the right track, which is confirmed by the microblogging platform Meta is not a stillborn project. In December, the application tripled the number of downloads compared to November, making it into the top ten most downloaded apps in the App Store and Google Play.

    Image source: Appfigures

Image source: Appfigures

As of December 2023, Threads was downloaded 12 million times on the App Store, making the app the fourth most downloaded app on the store, according to the analytics firm. App characters. It had 16 million downloads on Google Play and came in 8th place. The app also took sixth place in terms of new installations in both stores.

Immediately after its launch, the Threads platform showed record momentum: 100 million users registered here in just five days. Starting in September, the number of daily downloads began to decline, but meta in December managed to change the situation by launching on Facebook Advertising campaign with viral threads posts. Today there are already 160 million users on the platform, but how many of them are active? Meta reports less frequently: as of October there were almost 100 million; The company may update the information as part of its quarterly report on February 1st.

A potential growth factor for the platform is integration with the Fediverse family of decentralized social networks that exchange data via the ActivityPub protocol. Threads is working on mechanisms for integration with ActivityPub and the ability to publish content from other websites to the platform. The new microblogging service is actively developing, but the record numbers belong to another meta-project — Instagram became the most downloaded application on the App Store and Google Play in December With 54 million downloads, it even surpasses TikTok. Users of the Chinese short video service are increasingly complaining about TikTok Shop’s excessive presence.

But the social network X, a direct competitor of Threads, continues to show sad dynamics. At the end of December, the former Twitter application was downloaded only 9 million times in the App Store and Google Play – it only ranked 36th in the overall ranking, even behind Zoom.

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