The thickness of Jonsbo HF1415 ARGB fans is 15mm

The thickness of Jonsbo HF1415 ARGB fans is 15mm

Jonsbo has announced the HF1415 fan and its modification HF1415 White: products with a diameter of 140 mm are designed for use in gaming desktop computers.

    Image source: Jonsbo

Image source: Jonsbo

The thickness of the new products is only 15 mm compared to 25-27 mm for standard solutions of the corresponding format. The design uses a reliable hydrodynamic bearing and nine-blade impeller. The MTBF value (Mean Time Between Failures) is at least 50,000 hours at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

The HF1415 model is black and the HF1415 White version is white. A multicolor addressable ARGB backlight is implemented, the operation of which can be controlled using a dedicated controller or via a compatible motherboard.

The speed is regulated by pulse width modulation (PWM) in the range from 700 to 1650 rpm. With a noise level of no more than 29.6 dBA, an air flow with a volume of up to 128 cubic meters per hour is created. Static pressure – up to 1.79 mm water column.

The overall dimensions are 140 × 140 × 15 mm. Anti-vibration pads are provided. Information on the estimated price is not yet available.


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