The text editor iA Writer learned to highlight text from

The text editor iA Writer learned to highlight text from ChatGPT

The latest version of the minimalist multiplatform text editor iA Writer 7 has a feature Authorship – Tagging texts created by generative artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT.

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Text entered by the user is displayed in black, but if desired, AI-generated fragments can be displayed in gray. This is done so that when subsequently editing machine-generated work, the author can understand which part of the final text is the original work and which was generated by AI. This will help eliminate fears that AI is capable of “Ghostwriter”whoever “will take over” and make the person “Lose your own voice” – The new function limits the role of AI “Partners in dialogue”which “encourages you to think and write better”.

The authorship function is not fully automated: if you copy both a question to the AI ​​and its answer from the dialog interface to the clipboard, the latter will be pasted in gray without additional commands. If only the answer was copied, you must select the appropriate option in the drop-down submenu when pasting. “It’s up to you how honest you want to be with yourself.”“, the iA Writer developers explained how this function works.

In other words, the aim is not to detect plagiarism or forcefully label AI-generated content, but rather to ensure that representatives of creative professions have a tool that allows them to draw the line between their own text and the work of the AI recognize. Currently, Autorship is available in applications for macOS, iOS and iPadOS and will appear in versions for Windows and Android in the future. What is noteworthy is that the developers of iA Writer published the feature’s specification on GitHub and invited developers of other applications to also integrate it. “Ideally” set a new standard.


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