The Tamriel Rebuilt mod received two major regions the

The Tamriel Rebuilt mod received two major regions – the authors have been recreating the “real” Morrowind for more than 20 years

The authors of the ambitious mod Tamriel Rebuilt for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind have released a major update with two new regions, hundreds of locations and quests. The development of the project takes more than 21 years.

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The latest update 22.11 (the first since January 2021) adds the following:

  • The Dominions of Dust are a sparsely populated and very dangerous frontier country southwest of Vvardenfell. The Great Houses of Hlaalu and Redoran vie for territory – the former ruling the Inner Sea trading port of Andothren;
  • Embers of Empire – completely redesigned west coast of the Telvanni Peninsula with the cities of Firewatch (the second largest Imperial city in Morrowind) and Helnim;
  • about 80 new and 120 updated quests;
  • two new Ashlander clans – Obinat in the Roth Roryn Wasteland and Ishanuran in the Armun Ashlands;
  • the orkluh vampire clan in Mouth Raurin;
  • Hundreds of technical fixes and improvements to old content, redesigned interiors and environments.

    According to the authors, the new regions are three times larger than the entire territory of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Bloodmoon in terms of total area

The authors claim that the total area of ​​the new regions is three times larger than The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Bloodmoon

For a detailed description of the update, see official site project, and load the mod – on this page.

The goal of the authors of Tamriel Rebuilt is extend Morrowind recreating its continental portion, embodying the original vision of the developers at Bethesda Game Studios. By the 1990s, such a large-scale task proved beyond the studio’s powers, and the province was reduced to the island of Vvardenfell. The team of modders is constantly replenished with new volunteers.

    Released regions are shown in white, dark zones are under development

Released regions are shown in white, dark areas are under development

Work on Tamriel Rebuilt began even before the game was released (a detailed history of the mod with maps and screenshots is presented here) and is far from complete. Corresponding road map, the developers plan to add many new regions, including the Thirr Valley southeast of the Dominion of Dust, the Sundered Scar east of Old Ebonheart, the desert highlands of Shipal-Shin ) south of the Tyrr Valley, and the adjacent forests of Othreleth. Currently, the mod contains roughly the same number of quests as the original The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and all of its expansions, but only half of the mainland is exploreable.

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