The Subscribe button on YouTube started lighting up and changing

The Subscribe button on YouTube started lighting up and changing color when a blogger asked to subscribe to a channel

YouTube is experimenting with a new feature that will make the subscribe button more visible when creators encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel. Whether we can expect an increase in subscriber numbers thanks to this feature is an open question.

    Image source: WPARUN/Pixabay

Image source: WPARUN/Pixabay

Over the past few weeks, YouTube users have noticed an interesting new feature: the Subscribe button can now light up and change color when video creators ask viewers to subscribe to their channels. This action is highlighted by a visual effect – a burst of color that lasts for several seconds and makes the call to press the button clearer.

This function is in the testing stage and works completely automatically. It is activated when the English word “subscribe” is mentioned in the video. The function does not yet work in other languages. So far, the innovation only works on the desktop version of the platform and cannot be found in YouTube’s mobile and television applications.

Previously, authors used various animations within the video to draw attention to the subscribe button. Now the platform offers a tool that allows you to highlight the subscription request directly from YouTube itself.

It is worth noting that, according to some users of the platform, a similar animation may also work for the English word “like”, but there is no confirmation of this information yet.


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