The stylish turn based RPG Wolfstride comes to Nintendo Switch

The stylish turn-based RPG Wolfstride comes to Nintendo Switch

Publisher Raw Fury and developer from Brazilian studio Ota Imon announced the forthcoming platform geography expansion of its stylish turn-based RPG Wolfstride.

    Image Credit: Raw Fury

Image Credit: Raw Fury

As has been announced, Wolfstride will be available for the Nintendo Switch on May 10th this year. Despite the proximity of the release – less than a week – the pre-orders of the game on the hybrid console have not started yet.

The debut trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Wolfstride (attached below) does not include any footage from the project on the portable/fixed console and is intended only to convey the above port information.

Wolfstride’s storyline tells the story of three crime buddies who, after inheriting the legendary cowboy battle mech, decide to quit crime and sign up to take part in the world’s most popular robot battles.

Wolfstride debuted on PC (Steam) on December 7th, 2021. The profile press was unimpressed by the game (77% on metacritical), but pleases with charming characters, pleasant graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.

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