The studio of the author of PUBG will release an interactive demo of the technology for generating worlds using a neural network

PUBG Battle Royale creator Brendan Green announced his departure from Krafton and the creation of his studio a few days earlier. Now a game designer reportedthat the announced prologue project in 2019 will be released as an interactive technical demo.

Source: Krafton

Source: Krafton

Greene expressed interest in creating game worlds with an area of ​​several hundred square kilometers, on which several thousand players will be located at once. The developer noted that it will take a very long time to manually fill the space of such levels, so his studio plans to use a trainable neural network. The game designer added that he wants to make real the stereotypical advertising promises about mountains on the horizon that you can climb.

The prologue project will perform a technical demo that shows an early version of the technology. In difficult conditions, players will have to get from one point to another through the terrain generated by the neural network. The studio will provide an opportunity for players to pay for the demo as much as they want.

Until Brendan Greene announced a release date for the project.

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