The streamer became the first in history to complete Halo

The streamer became the first in history to complete Halo 2 on the hardest possible difficulty without dying – for 18 years it was considered next to impossible

American streamer JerValiN has achieved success in the sci-fi shooter Halo 2 unmatched by any player in the 18 years since its original release.

    Image source: Xbox

Image source: Xbox

After several weeks of training and unsuccessful attempts, JerValiN succeeded on his own happen the Halo 2 on Ultimate (Legendary) difficulty with 13 gameplay-disabling modifiers (Skulls) without ever dying.

Playing Halo 2 with such conditions was invented by the fans themselves. The mode was called LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) and was considered one of the most difficult challenges in the entire game, not to mention the no-death passage.

JerValiN committed to burning his nerve cells for a reason: In July, blogger first suggested Cr1TiKaL (aka MoistCr1TiKaL and penguinz0). $5 thousandand then all $20,000 the first person to complete Halo 2 on LASO without dying.

An additional complication was that Cr1TiKaL banned contestants from using the 14th skull (“Envy”), giving the character temporary invisibility and making it easier to pass through some areas.

The passage lasted six and a half hours and involved tricks (pull “banshee» until the final battle) and bugs (for example, skipping the almost impassable LASO section with a gravity lift without envy).

Cr1TiKaL followed JerValiN’s breakup in his stream: “I’ve never been happier to lose 20 grand. It’s damn cool and it took 18 years to make. Many considered my test impossible. And I said someone will.

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