The story driven role playing game The Conformist from the makers of

The story-driven role-playing game The Conformist from the makers of Suzerain tells of the difficult life in government service

portal Rock Paper Shotgun noticed that the developers of German studio Torpor Games have announced The Conformist, a new project in the follow-up to their story-driven RPG Suzerain.

    Image Credit: Torpor Games

Image Credit: Torpor Games

The events of The Conformist take place in the state of Sordland, known from Suzerain. The civil war is over, but political unrest in the country continues as the new government clashes with the rebels.

Players take on the role of a government agitator named Orwin, who has direct duties in the town of Holsord (the capital of Sordland), pursuing his own ambitions and protecting his family.

The creators call The Conformist a game about propaganda, political movements and internal struggles. Players can side with both the government and the resistance to influence the upcoming elections.

The Conformist doesn’t have a release date or list of target platforms at this time, but it does exist official site and a few screenshots (attached above). Suzerain was released on PC (Steam, GOG), Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.


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