The Steam page reveals new details about survival simulator Sons

The Steam page reveals new details about survival simulator Sons of the Forest

Developers from the Canadian studio Endnight Games in their official microblog announced about opening his survival simulator Sons of the Forest page on the digital distribution service steam.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

In itself, the fact that the Steam page was launched is not particularly noteworthy, but in the case of Sons of the Forest it is associated with the disclosure of new details; So far, the developers have been extremely reluctant to talk about the game.

As it became known, the main character arrives on a remote island full of terrible cannibals in search of a missing billionaire. But the rescue mission soon turns into a fight for survival.

The developers promise clashes with terrible mutants, an open world, complete freedom of action, co-op, crafting, building, the influence of the seasons on gameplay and realistic interaction with the environment.

Due to the March postponement, Sons of the Forest is expected to be released in October this year. At this point, the game is only confirmed for PC, but the original The Forest was also released on consoles.

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