The Steam Deck will not support all games from Steam, said platform developer Proton

The Steam Deck game console will not receive support for the entire library of Steam games, at least at the start of sales of the console, as many people who read IGN’s interview with Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais might think. This was announced by James B. Ramey, president of CodeWeavers, which together with Valve is the developer of the Proton software that allows you to run Windows games on Linux systems.

Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

As you know, the Steam Deck runs on a specially adapted Linux-based version of SteamOS 3.0 and includes a Proton compatibility layer. As the site writes RockPaperShotgunRami recently took part in the Boiling Steam podcast, where, among other things, he raised the issue of compatibility of games from the Steam library with the upcoming Valve game console. He noted that potential buyers of the console could have false expectations that the Steam Deck at the start of sales will offer support for all games on the platform.

Recall that Pierre-Loup Griffe previously stated:

“We looked at the catalog for various games released over the past few years, but the real challenge for us was the games that came out over the past year. They could not run on previous prototypes and architectures we tested. This is the first time we’ve achieved enough performance to run the latest generation games smoothly. We wanted all games to run, the entire Steam library. We didn’t find anything that the device couldn’t handle. “

According to Rami, journalists could misinterpret Griffe’s words.

“I think that this statement could have sounded in two ways and could be misinterpreted by people. From Pierre-Loup’s announcement, it seemed like the Steam Deck would be able to support any game. I believe that here we are talking about hardware support for games by the device itself. I think he meant that the processor power, as well as the characteristics of the GPU, RAM and storage are now sufficient to run any game from the Steam library. I don’t think he was talking directly about supporting all games thanks to Proton. “– noted Rami.

The Proton add-on currently allows you to run a huge number of games from the Steam library on Linux systems. More precisely, we are talking about more than 16 thousand different game projects. However, Rami notes that Proton does not yet support all the games available on the platform. Perhaps Valve will do some work with Proton and SteamOS, which somehow will allow to circumvent the existing restrictions, but while CodeWeavers are not directly involved in the development of the Steam Deck, this option is unlikely.

Nevertheless? in the future, the number of games supported by the console on the platform will undoubtedly only grow. When Proton was first introduced for Linux as part of Steam Play in 2018, it only supported 27 games. Now the number of supported game projects is estimated at several thousand. Rami believes that further development of Proton will ensure more support for games by the time the console goes on sale this December, as well as in the future.

“I think so because Proton is a living, breathing project. It is not something static. A lot of effort has gone into the project to support a wider range of games that can be launched today. Compatibility will only expand further with the release of the Steam Deck. “

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