The Steam Deck portable console already supports 520 games from

The Steam Deck portable console already supports 520 games from Steam, but only a few of them are really popular

Just a few days ago it was reported that Valve has accelerated the adaptation of Steam library games for the Steam Deck portable game console, increasing the number of titles fully supported by the console from 120 to 240. Today, however, the console supports more than 520 different games, shows portal GamingOnLinux. information Confirmed the SteamDB database.

Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

To date, 309 games have received “fully supported” status, with another 211 games “ready to run on console.” Keep in mind that the Deck Verified program, designed to help users find out which games from the Steam Store will work on Steam Deck even before launching the console, divides game projects into four categories: “supported”, “playable”, ” unsupported”. ‘ and ‘not yet known’.

Despite the fact that the console can now run a total of 520 games from the Steam library, almost none of them make the top ten or even twenty most popular games on the platform. The only exception is God of War, which ranks 18th on the list of most popular games on this site.

Support for the most popular Steam games will add weight to the set top box when purchasing. However, the task of making these games compatible with Steam Deck is not easy. One of the main difficulties is related to the fact that most of these games are equipped with anti-cheat systems that are not compatible with the Linux operating system. Steam Deck itself runs on SteamOS 3.0, which is based on a Linux distribution and a Proton emulator add-on that allows you to run Windows games on Linux. According to the database ProtonDB, many games that work with anti-cheat have trouble running on Linux. Few game projects have “gold status”, which indicates that the game works almost perfectly on the operating system.

Some game developers like Epic who use Easy Anti-Cheat in their games have already added Steam Deck and Linux support to their games. However, many companies that release their anti-cheat systems do not yet prioritize Linux support, making it difficult to adapt them to the Steam Deck console.

Only time will tell if Valve can solve this problem. However, the company aims to make the console compatible with most games in the Steam library.


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