The Steam Deck developer showed off a collection of console

The Steam Deck developer showed off a collection of console prototypes – many still working

One of the developers of the portable game console Steam Deck released posted photos showing prototypes of the console from mid-2019 on his Twitter page. The photo shows the development of the console into its final consumer version.

    Image Source: Twitter / @Plagman2

Image Source: Twitter / @Plagman2

According to Pierre-Loup Griffais, most of the prototypes shown are still functional and can even run games from the Steam library. To confirm his words, he launched the game Half-Life 2 on one of them.

Griffe noted that the specified prototype is based on an AMD Picasso series processor (Ryzen 3000U). Its integrated graphics core is half as weak as that in the consumer version of the set-top box. Recall that Steam Deck received a custom AMD Aerith processor on the Zen 2 architecture, equipped with integrated RDNA 2 graphics.

Many early prototypes in the photo are very similar to each other. Some models have beveled edges for a more comfortable grip. It is also interesting that some models are equipped with round touchpads and multicolored buttons. Keep in mind that the final version of the console will be square. According to the engineer, many of the prototypes presented look good, but are ergonomically inferior to the final version of the set-top box.

Last month, Valve released an e-booklet featuring images of Steam Deck prototypes. It is noteworthy that none of the devices shown by Griffe were noted there.

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