The Steam Deck console works better with SteamOS than Windows

The Steam Deck console works better with SteamOS than Windows 10

A few days ago, Valve released the official drivers required to run the Windows 10 operating system on the Steam Deck portable console. This was taken advantage of by YouTube channel LinusTechLips, who decided to compare Steam Deck’s performance with Windows 10 and a Linux-based system. Steam operating system.

Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

During the test, the blogger tested the console with the mentioned operating system in three games: Hitman 3, Doom Eternal and Elden Ring. SteamOS clearly outperformed Windows 10 in all three titles, with this superiority being most evident in Hitman 3. Hitman 3 averaged 19 fps on Windows 10 versus 34 fps on SteamOS. In Doom Eternal, that number was 47 fps versus 60 fps on Windows 10 and SteamOS, respectively, and 30 versus 37 fps in Elden Ring.

Note that although the release of drivers for Windows 10 was official, it is still difficult to call it a fully functional product, since various types of errors can appear during console interaction with Windows 10. Also, some drivers are still missing, making the Steam Desk experience with Windows 10 not quite complete. One of the main issues is the lack of an audio driver, which is why the built-in Steam Deck speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack don’t work in Windows 10. When interacting with a device running Windows 10, the blogger found many other shortcomings, including problems with freezing images in games and navigating the user interface.

It’s safe to say that Valve developed SteamOS as the main software platform for its console and postponed the implementation of Windows support until later. Also note that Steam Deck currently only supports Windows 10 as the console does not support fTPM. This technology is expected to be supported in the future, allowing users to install Windows 11 on Steam Deck.


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