The Steam Deck console received partial support for Windows 10

The Steam Deck console received partial support for Windows 10

The Steam Deck portable game console received partial support for the Windows 10 operating system. Valve has released corresponding drivers for integrated graphics, as well as wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Image source: Tom's Hardware

Image source: Tom’s Hardware

At the moment you can only install one operating system. Although the Steam Deck is fully capable of booting a choice of operating systems, the SteamOS installer responsible for it is not ready yet. Now, before installing Windows, you need to format the internal storage of the set-top box and remove SteamOS 3.0.

Installing Windows 11 on the set-top box also fails because the current version of the console BIOS does not have built-in software support for the TPM security module. In addition, the company has not yet released any sound drivers for Steam Deck on Windows 10. So far, it can only be supported via Bluetooth and via a USB Type-C port.

For the drivers required to install Windows 10 on your Steam Deck, along with the appropriate instructions for installing and restoring the console, see Steam platform page.

It should be noted that the first reviews of the console speak of a lot of “child wounds” and bugs. And with the release of updates, which are distributed in the form of “beta versions” and “stable versions”, Valve is in no hurry. For example portal journalists The edge Note that some games have stopped working on the console for unknown reasons, although they previously ran without any problems.


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