The statistics that Apple collects in the App Store turned

The statistics that Apple collects in the App Store turned out to be non-anonymous

iOS app developer and security expert Mysk reportedthat the analytical information collected in the App Store is linked to an iCloud account, which means that the data processed by the company is not anonymous – it can be compared with the real name of its owner, his email address and other information.

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Experts emphasize that data will be sent even if analytics is disabled in the settings, and the DSID (Directory Services Identifier) ​​will be sent to other applications. AT documentdescribes the collection of analytics on devices, Apple notes that some data on the use of applications under the same account can be compared without being able to identify the user, writes The edge.

In the documents regulating data collection in app store, Apple News and Stocks The company still admits that it personally tracks users: IP addresses, random identifiers, and Apple IDs are collected. In the case of the App Store, the Company collects store openings and closings, search, browsing and download history, push notifications and store notifications in third-party software.

In other words, while Apple may limit the collection of data at the system level, thereby affecting the operation of third-party applications, the company collects statistics about its services – each of them has its own privacy agreement, which the user agrees to by launching the appropriate one Services. So far there has been no official comment from Apple on the matter.


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