The start page of the Windows 11 settings adapts to

The start page of the Windows 11 settings adapts to the user

Microsoft is actively working to introduce a new Settings home page in Windows 11. In the latest update for Windows Insiders, the company added a home page with interactive maps. They allow you to quickly navigate to various settings such as device personalization, Bluetooth management, account recovery, and more.

    Image Source: PabitraKaity / Pixabay

Image Source: PabitraKaity / Pixabay

The main settings page adapts to the individual needs of each user. Based on the analysis of “specific usage patterns”, the system offers recommended settings that may be most relevant to the user. So if the user frequently changes the display settings or adjusts the sound, these options will be prominently displayed for quick and easy access. The page also shows information about available OneDrive cloud storage and the status of your Microsoft 365 and Xbox subscriptions. According to Microsoft, the menu will initially contain up to seven cards, but plans to increase this number in the future. The company first began testing the feature in June.

    The updated home page includes recommended settings that take user activity into account.  Image source: Microsoft

Updated homepage includes recommended settings based on user activity (Image source: Microsoft)

Another exciting feature that Microsoft may soon release to the public is the Windows Backup app. First launched in May, it allows you to backup your PC before switching to a new device.

The application not only automatically applies the current user settings to the new PC, but also keeps all pinned applications on the desktop, start menu and taskbar. Microsoft claims that previously installed apps are not automatically installed on a new PC. The user will receive shortcuts directing them to the Microsoft Store or the developer’s website to install it.

    This is what the Windows Backup application looks like.  Image source: Microsoft

This is what the Windows Backup app looks like (Image source: Microsoft)

It is worth paying attention to the update of the function of dynamic lighting (Dynamic Lighting). Originally it was intended to control the RGB lighting in Windows 11 using the open standard HID LampArray. After the update, Windows 11 users can not only adjust the lighting, but also synchronize the Windows accent color with the colors of their peripherals. This creates a harmonious and unified visual space of the workplace. In addition, users can set individual color schemes for different devices, making the environment even more personal and comfortable.

All of these features are included in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22631.2262, which is available to Beta Channel members.

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