The Starfield hobby saved a gamer and his family from

The Starfield hobby saved a gamer and his family from a horrible death

“Starfield saved me and my family”is the headline of September 3rd Messages Reddit forum user under the alias Tidyckilla. At first glance, this statement sounds like an exaggeration, but in fact it turned out to be true.

    Image source: GamesRadar

Image source: GamesRadar

As Tidyckilla admitted, he’s been following Starfield since ZeniMax registered the eponymous trademark and pre-ordered the premium edition as soon as possible. Naturally, on the night of September 1st, when early access to the game opened, the player decided to spend time in the new universe.

And with good reason: At 2:26 a.m. local time, Tidyckilla heard an explosion from the neighbors downstairs, stopped playing and went to check on the noise. As soon as the player opened the door, he saw it “wall of fire”. Without thinking twice, the player ran into the street, taking his wife, cat and Xbox with him.

The couple ended up getting away with only minor burns, but it could have ended a lot worse: “If I hadn’t been sitting in Starfield for too long, I would have slept and we would all have died of smoking choke. I want to thank this game for saving me and my family from a terrible fate.”.

    Image Source: Reddit (tidyckilla)

Image Source: Reddit (tidyckilla)

In the comments, Tidyckilla clarified that the woman sleeps in the next room not heard Explosion, smoke detector worked Too late, and the windows are already burning by this time clogged: On the run, the player and his wife could not breathe and were literally moved by touch.

Now Tidyckilla with wife completed to a hotel (the couple then decided to move to another state), where Starfield continues to play on his Xbox. From the whole situation, the player figured out that staying up late and playing the game is not that bad.

Starfield is available now for Premium and Collector’s Edition buyers and will unlock for standard owners on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox) on September 6th. Skyrim’s famous bucket trick doesn’t work in the new game, but that’s not a phrase for inexperienced thieves.

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