The spooky one bit RPG horror game World of Horror will

The spooky one-bit RPG horror game World of Horror will enter the nightmares of gamers on PC and consoles next summer

Ysbryd Games and Polish developer Pawel Kozminski, aka Panstasz, during November’s Indie World Showcase cleared Release dates and target platforms for their horror RPG with roguelite elements World of Horror.

    Image Credit: Ysbryd Games

Image Credit: Ysbryd Games

Keep in mind that World of Horror was unveiled in August 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and was due out as early as 2019. In February 2020, Early Access started on PC, where the game should be kept for at least six months – the console release was planned before the end of the year.

Reality has made adjustments to the developer’s plans. As has been announced, World of Horror will leave early access on PC (Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store, and will not debut on consoles until summer 2023. And not only on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but also on PS5. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer.

World of Horror is set in a quiet Japanese coastal town in the 1980s. Players must uncover terrifying secrets, monitor their health and sanity, collect weapons and useful items to fend off grotesque monsters and survive the incursion into the world of the ancient gods.

Distinctive features of World of Horror are its environment, inspired by the work of the cult author Howard Lovecraft (Howard Lovecraft) and created in MS Paint under the influence of the famous manga artist Junji Ito (Junji Ito) a bit of visual style.

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