The spaceship action game Underspace sends players into a

The spaceship action game Underspace sends players into a galaxy full of hyperspace storms and Lovecraftian monsters

Funded in summer 2019 by Kickstarter Yesterday the spaceship action game Underspace from the developers of Pastaspace Interactive was released acquired Publisher, a new trailer and release dates on Steam Early Access.

    Image source: Pastaspace Interactive

Image source: Pastaspace Interactive

Underspace is positioned as a Lovecraftian spaceship action RPG with a hand-crafted open world (universe) full of quests, bosses and various rewards.

The developers promise unique content in each of the 70 star systems and the ability to play any role (miner, trader, pirate, explorer, monster hunter).

The galaxy in subspace is not a safe place. Hyperspace storms sweep through space, distorting star systems and unleashing strange threats, stranger monsters and incredible treasures.

“Adventure into the cosmic unknown, roaming ancient star cities, twisted graveyards or fields of forgotten dimensional holes. The galaxy is full of unique adventures and secrets that await the star hunter.say the authors.

Underspace features, among other things, more than 20 unique bosses (a world serpent, a possessed battleship, an animated minefield), over 60 ships, 40 factions, 30 side quests, co-op, multiplayer and mod support.

It was announced that Underspace Early Access will start in the second quarter of 2024 steam. The game is published by Camlann Games. Of the supported languages, only English is listed so far.

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