The slow development of Siri was explained by the clumsy

The slow development of Siri was explained by the clumsy code, but Apple is already preparing a new advanced AI

Apple likely won’t be the only tech giant without big AI projects anymore. In February, the company hosted an internal event on artificial intelligence and large language models. Why Apple and other IT giants lost the race for AI services in an interview with the publication The New York Times (NYT) said John Burke, who previously worked at Apple.

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The company’s engineers, including those in the department responsible for the voice assistant Siri, carry out regular tests “Generative Language Concepts”writes NYT. Siri users occasionally complain that the voice assistant does not understand requests well – but the same applies to Amazon Alexa and the Google voice assistant. Especially difficult for them are the different accents and phonetics of people from different countries of the world, even if they speak the same language.

In an interview with NYT reporters, former Apple engineer John Burke said the company’s voice assistant is developing extremely slowly “clumsy code” – It prevents even minor feature updates from being implemented. The engineer found that Siri had a large vocabulary base and adding new features or entire sentences required rebuilding the entire base, a process that took up to six weeks.

Whether Apple is developing its own language models or wants to use a ready-made platform was not specified in the publication, in any case the company would hardly be satisfied with the existing Siri-based chatbot – facing its competitors from Google and Microsoft are now in AI Technologies immersed. Meanwhile, Apple’s range of AI products is broad, but does not offer top-of-the-line solutions. These are prompts when entering text on the onscreen keyboard, basic image processing features, face unlock devices, event detection on Apple Watch, and even a karaoke feature in Apple Music. Perhaps the company will share some details about its AI initiatives at its WWDC event this summer.


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