The shortage of electronic components for PC manufacturing began to

The shortage of electronic components for PC manufacturing began to subside

The scarcity of semiconductor components manifests itself differently in different market segments and is still being felt acutely in some areas, but others are on the verge of normalization. TrendForce specialists claimthat the availability of PC manufacturing components has improved significantly since November last year, with a few interruptions due to Intel platform changes alone.

Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

The latter factor, as the authors of the analytical report explain, is of a temporary nature and, in general, the lack of components for the manufacture of computers and laptops began to disappear. In the fourth quarter, manufacturers of payroll computers began to increase their range of products. Only the lack of controllers for solid-state drives with a PCI Express 3.0 interface made itself felt acutely.

By replacing the current Intel platform with a newer one, the delivery time of their key components has so far been increased to 8-12 weeks, and the difficulties in accessing WiFi, USB controllers and power electronics are gradually fading away from the background and decreasing intensity. In the first quarter, deliveries of contract notebooks are expected to decline by only 5.1% in a sequential comparison, said TrendForce.

The component deficit is more noticeable in the server segment. Deliveries of programmable matrices and network components have to wait 40 to over 50 weeks. This could result in an 8% decline in revenue in the server segment in the first quarter. In the mobile communications segment, there is a lack of highly integrated chips for 4G devices, as these have to wait 40 weeks, and display and touch controllers reach customers for at least 20 weeks. As a result, the first quarter for smartphone market participants may end with a 13% decline in product offerings.

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