The shortage of chips will ruin the New Year and

The shortage of chips will ruin the New Year and Christmas for many – people will be left without gifts

The global chip shortage has seriously affected the prices and availability of goods in markets around the world and now threatens to ruin Christmas and New Years for everyone who celebrates these holidays. Experts predict that the shortage could affect both the price of gifts and the speed of their delivery – one of the most important holiday problems.

Source: Bob_Dmyt /

Source: Bob_Dmyt /

Microchips are now used in nearly every product, from cars to e-bikes, washing machines and toothbrushes. Many of these chips are missing from manufacturers of electronics and other equipment, which can lead to shortages and problems with product delivery.

According to Alan Priestley, an analyst at consulting firm Gartner, the chip shortage will have an impact on the winter holidays. “We may find that some of the things that were available in the past are not available now. We’ve all used Amazon Prime: press a button, delivery will be in 24 hours. Perhaps now you will have to wait two or three weeks. “, – concluded the expert.

In particular, he mentioned the power controllers found in a variety of smartphones and many other devices. It is not particularly profitable for TSMC, Samsung and other manufacturers to release them, since in the pre-holiday season it is better to concentrate efforts on the production of more modern solutions for other purposes. But without them, it is impossible to produce many devices.

Source: paulbr75 /

Source: paulbr75 /

Computers, smartphones and game consoles are some of the most popular Christmas gifts, according to Glenn O’Donnell, vice president of analytical agency Forrester, but some models are already in short supply – it’s hard to get a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S, as well as other popular products, at least for the recommended prices.

“If you don’t have what you were going to put under the tree, you may be out of luck. Not even Santa himself can deliver it. “– says O’Donnell.

Another problem was the activity of speculators, armed with armies of bots and buying up electronics immediately after they appear on sale at recommended prices for subsequent sale at much higher than “face value”. Experts recommend buying the goods you need as early as possible whenever possible. It is believed that, perhaps, only computer buyers have some head start – even if the model is not in one configuration, you can try to pick up another one with an alternative processor, other components and similar characteristics.


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