The short video service Coub will stop working on April

The short video service Coub will stop working on April 1st

It became known that the short video service Coub will stop working on April 1st. Until the given date, video hosting will continue to work and users will be able to download their videos. Information about this was seen when visiting this resource.

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The closure of the Coub service was confirmed by representatives of Komitet, the site’s owner. Curiously, video hosting was introduced exactly ten years ago. In April 2012, the Coub service was organized by brothers Anton and Igor Gladkoborodov and Mikhail Tabunov. The service allows users to create short endless videos and post them on its platform.

At the beginning of 2020, the platform ran out of funds for development, after which Coub came under the control and direction of the company Komitet, which develops the, TJ and DTF projects. A few months later, one of the committee’s co-founders, Vlad Tsyplukhin, announced his intention to sell Coub as the service did not fit into the committee’s development strategy.

According to online sources, as of December 2021, the audience of the service was around 3 million users per month. With the function of embedding videos on other sites, the platform was able to gain around 5.5 million more unique users per month.



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